About me
So my name is Ashley "Slashley" Oomen. Born in 1998 in the Dutch province North Brabant.
 In July of 2019 I graduated from my Media Design study with specialization in videography and animation.
The nickname Slashley comes from my music. I play guitar and write my own songs. I wear my hat every gig and play a Gibson Les Paul. The name Slashley was very fitting and I kept it ever since!
When I started playing in bands (2014), I always loved to see photo's of our performance. A lot of people I knew were musicians as well and I wanted to give back what I loved to see; pictures of performances. I started with my phone, a small digital camera and when I found out I enjoyed photographing more than I thought, I bought my first DSLR camera.
I shot the local bands and went everywhere I could. I started by trial and error. First without any editing involved. When I started my Media Design study at the Radius College in Breda in 2015, I learned about Photoshop and photo editing. After a year or two of trial and error at small local bands I bought my second Canon DSLR. I learned more and more about my camera and about the possibilities of photography and concert photography in particular.
My first big shoots: WC Experience & Textures
On the 26th of April 2017 my band and I got the chance of being the support act of WC Experience. This was a big honor for us! Especially for me, I was a fan of the band long before me and my band started playing. I also was a big fan of Queen when I was about 11 years old (2010) and I remember watching one performance of WC Experience at that time and being overwhelmed by the great guitar playing in the "Queen Medley". This is when I knew; I want to play guitar just like them!
After our performance as the support act of WC Experience I had the chance to photograph the band. And of course I did! I rented a second body at school and a fisheye lens just for this one show! And tried my best to make my best photo's yet! Afterwards I've put my pictures on my Facebook and "tagged" the band members. I awaited for any responds of the guys and I did! Everyone loved my photo's and it was a great feeling for me! I was rewarded with lots of great compliments of people who I look up to! This is when my "career" started as in-house photographer for the WC Experience.

My guitar teacher was Textures' guitarist Bart Hennephof. I wanted to try and photograph bigger bands and asked him if I could join them at the festival of freedom in Overijssel, the Netherlands. He said yes and this was my biggest chance ever at that moment! I rented the same body and lens from school and went on the adventure with the band themselves.
WC Experience 26th April 2017
WC Experience 26th April 2017
Textures 5th May 2017
Textures 5th May 2017
Since the beginning of 2019 I am an official freelance (ZZP) photographer and designer. I work together with third parties such as bands, musicians but also news sites.