All data contained on this site and on my social media, including texts and photographs, are owned or licensed by Slashley Photography and are protected by copyright.

Photos on Social Media may be shared for non-commercial private use (profile picture, cover photo, etc.) provided the logo is fully visible.

The site's user / visitor is not permitted to reproduce, edit, send further, distribute or make available to third parties compensation for the content of the site without the express written permission of Slashley Photography. The use and / or any publication of my image and text material, example on third party sites (institution or business), other than our express written permission, is considered to be the purchase of a product.

As a result, the person who makes use of this will be billed at € 200.00 per photo. This comes without a warning!

If the web-master and / or the person responsible for the unlawful publication of the above material is not immediately found, the invoice will be sent to the web host to which that site is located.

The amount due will be increased in addition to the legal interest rate, as well as non-judicial expenses incurred in default of payment.
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